Havana Daydreamin'

Havana Daydreamin’

May 17, 1996 Joseph Brown

Why was this night so familiar to me? The answer was in the stories told to me by the old Cuban pilot I had flown with years ago. Stories of Havana in the ’50’s … […]


Noel / Artist

August 27, 2003 John Buchanan

Once among Cuba’s most acclaimed professional dancers and now a successful artist in Miami, Noel is presently settling into his newly renovated 1927 Mediterranean … […]

André Balazs

André Balazs

December 5, 2003 Ginger Harris

Set against the backdrop of 1940’s-era fabrics, Art Deco furniture and terrazzo floors, André Balazs enters the lobby of Collins Avenue’s oceanfront Raleigh hotel … […]

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