Into each life a little makeup must fall. And if it’s not makeup, then it’s sunscreen or perfume or facial creams or fizzing bath salts or aftershave lotion or, well, you get the point. And where better to shop than the make-yourself-more-beautiful headquarters, Sephora. They carry everything you could ever want from Clinique and Shiseido to Christian Dior and Versace.

This isn’t your basic neighborhood mall Sephora either. The ocean breeze blows in through the open doors and the store is constantly flooded with sand-laden beach-goers, high-heeled young professionals on their lunch breaks and the occasional celebrity or two (you will recognize them by their low, over-sized hats and dark sunglasses). If you forgot to pack it or dropped it while you were dancing last night, rest assured your friends at Sephora are going to have it. 721 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 532-0904