Best Oceanfront Hotels in Miami Beach

December 22, 2016 AM Dreer

One of the questions we receive most frequently is from travelers requesting information on the “best hotels on the beach.” We usually answer these queries with a brief explanation listing criteria … […]

Bars & Pubs in Miami Beach, South Beach

Best Happy Hours

April 28, 2017 AM Dreer

There’s lots of choices in Miami when it comes to happy hour, so here is our quick guide to help you find just the right spot… […]

1 Hotel South Beach Rooftop

Best Rooftop Bars in Miami

January 3, 2017 AM Dreer

Miami’s Best Rooftop Bars combine great spirits and awesome views. We’ve gathered a Top Ten List of our favorite elevated cocktail spots from elegant to casual and everything in between … […]

Bistro One at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

Best Lincoln Road Restaurants

June 27, 2014 AM Dreer

Whether you’re up for fine dining or a fast casual meal, the sidewalk cafes and sleek dining rooms that populate Lincoln Road offer something for every palate … […]

Ocean Drive

Best Restaurants on Ocean Drive

November 8, 2016 AM Dreer

Ocean Drive restaurants offer quality dining, a view of the action and plenty of options in price and cuisine. We have gathered a Top Ten List so you can avoid the tourist traps (mostly) … […]

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (photo: The Genuine Hospitality Group)

Best Burgers in Miami & South Beach

May 16, 2017 AM Dreer

We’re celebrating National Burger Month with Miami’s Best Burgers including traditional, flame-grilled patties and luxurious upscale fillings and toppings that might be considered game changers … […]

South Beach

Best Beaches in Miami

October 13, 2016 AM Dreer

Miami is all about beautiful Beaches, and South Florida has miles and miles of golden coastline ready for you to explore. Perhaps the most important thing … […]

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