Fans of the Sundance Channel’s hit series “Man Shops Globe” know that Keith Johnson,  buyer for Anthropologie, roams the fashion capitals of the world in search of unique, hand-crafted objects that will inspire his in-house design team to fabricate the quirky, seasonal collections that are the hallmark of the brand. In one episode he finds hand-stitched antique Union Jack quilts that are transformed into bold red, white and blue bedspreads. In another, an artist crafts lifelike bird statues from torn newsprint that become store displays at outlets across the country.

The blending of bold colors and rough hewn styles labored over by artisans and craftsmen adds to the bohemian vibe of the Lincoln Road flagship shop where a staff of visual display artists pulls everything together into quaint vignettes of clothing, lingerie, housewares and gifts. The notion of a lifestyle shop adds a kind of “rich hippie” atmosphere to the sometimes pricey merchandise including flowing day dresses, lace blouses and retro-inspired shoes. The Anthropologie customer buys patterns and layers, favoring soft scarves and straw hats.

The shop also offers funky china teapots, books about Paris, embroidered hand towels and gauzy lingerie to help capture a rather vintage, girly vibe. Sales staff are friendly and knowledgeable but know the object of the in-store treasure hunt works best when customers are left to their own devices. Travelers to South Beach may find the fashions are not in tune with the body-conscious club looks so popular on our streets, but will still enjoy taking a quick tour of the sales racks for a gossamer treasure that will probably look right at home once they return from vacation. 1108 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 695-0775