Havana 57 has locations on both Lincoln Road and here on Espanola Way

Havana 1957

June 4, 2014 AM Dreer

With locations on Espanola Way & Lincoln Road Mall, this busy sidewalk cafe scene fairly sizzles at Havana 1957, a Cuban restaurant that brings the vibrance … […]

Lario's on the Beach

Larios on the Beach

May 12, 2014 Editor

Larios on the Beach, Gloria Estefan’s lively Cuban eatery, is more tourist-driven than most of the Cuban restaurants embedded throughout South Beach … […]

Cuban Cafecito

Puerto Sagua

May 12, 2014 Editor

It’s a grungy neighborhood coffee-shop, Miami-style, where the usual American standards are replaced by casual Cuban fare. Open 24 hours, Puerto Sagua is … […]



May 13, 2003 AM Dreer

Nuevo Latino culture and cuisine have swept the nation in the last year, and we can attest to the fact that, at least in the case of the food, it all started here. In the case of music … […]