Momi Ramen

Momi Ramen
Momi Ramen
Films about Japanese handicraft often show a Young Apprentice repeating a seemingly menial task over and over again until the result satisfies his ancient Master. This sort of dedication to excellence is nowhere more apparent than at Miami’s Momi Ramen where Chef Jeffrey Chen labors to develop the perfect Tonkotsu stock over the course of 18 slow, simmering hours until the broth takes on a silky texture and a deep and soulful flavor. Once the soup meets his expectations, he crafts a tangle of bouncy hand made noodles using flour imported from Japan. The broth speaks of his meticulous labor, the noodles are made fresh all day long. Together they form a masterful mouthful!

Miami is decidedly behind the culinary curve when it comes to dedicated noodle parlors, but for devotees of authentic artisanal fare, Momi Ramen more than makes up for the wait. This fusion of noodle and broth gets a choice of toppings which the chef often varies. Most popular is the roast pork belly sliced and draped over the slippery noodles with a just-poached egg and a tangy dice of green onions. Chen also offers steamed greens, kelp and mushrooms atop the ramen which may make the dish a little lighter than roast meat but still offers an appealing taste and texture. Truly destination dining, Momi Ramen delivers a singular dish made nowhere else in town.

Restaurant Information:
Name: Momi Ramen
Rating: 4 / 4.0 stars based on 258 reviews across the Web
Address: 5 SW 11th St, Miami, FL 33130
Phone: (786) 391-2392
Cuisine: Japanese
Price: $$
Attire: Casual
Payment: Cash, All Major Credit Cards
Reservations: Yes
Parking: On-street parking
Chef: Jeffrey Chen
Hours: Mo-Su 11:00am-5am