The best way to describe Ricky’s: “A drug store on ecstasy,” says a store employee. Lively neon wigs cover the right wall; colorful flip flops cover the left.

The front of the store features signs, makeup, buttons, magnets, sunglasses, jewelry and trinkets, which are mostly between $5 and $30. Dirty and politically incorrect phrases comprise countless item names such as “dirty Girl” brand bath items or t-shirt logos like “Just Jew It”.

An upstairs area features more humorously-offensive cotton shirts, bags and other items. The rear of the first level is akin to a mini beauty supply store with various hair care, bath and over-the-counter items as well as a mini hair salon. To complete the Ricky’s experience, visit the second floor’s triple-x room—unless you have kids, that is. 536 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 674-8511