MAC Cosmetics

For years industry people have sworn by MAC products and until just recently they have kept their little secret from the rest of us. Taunting us with their magical runway creations and beautiful magazine spreads—they thought it would last forever.

Well, now the secret is out and frenzied women can’t get enough. Every color you can dream of (and then some) is available for eyes, cheeks and lips. Electric blue mascara? Check. Deep purple lipstick, teal eye liner, bright orange blush? Check, check, check.

And sweat as you might, this stuff stays on—an impossible feat in the Miami humidity. What MAC product can’t women in Miami live without? The apply-it-and-it-lasts-for-hours Lip Glass—any color, choose your poison.  650 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 604-9040