French Connection

Way back in old-timey times, before there was texting and sexting and all that LOL business, bawdy teens considered it the height of rebelliousness to don t-shirts emblazoned with the French Connection initials FCUK – French Connection United Kingdom – so that dyslexic pedestrians might stop in their tracks believing they had been cursed. Alas, the days of shocking t-shirts are a thing of the past and yet the brand remains a popular choice for fashion conscious men & women across the globe.

Started in 1972 as a youthful, stylish clothing line, the company has expanded to include licensed toiletries, eyewear, watches and shoes. The brand identity FCUK, first launched in 1997, was meant to provoke and inspire customers to embrace the sexy, stylish attitude in the more casual attire while the full moniker – French Connection – connotes the more grown-up and fashionable components of the line.

The Lincoln Road Mall shop includes both men’s and women’s sportswear and accessories with an emphasis on youthful apparel for both work and weekend. Sales staff are friendly and informed about upcoming trends and will point out the quickly turning inventory available at the clearance rails for ambitious bargain hunters.

While the notion of a mall shop being smart and cheeky may have lost some of its allure, there are still sharp looking separates in Florida-friendly styles including great dresses, brightly printed tops and jeans. 1026 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 673-3838