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All-Night News Boy | Painted Ladies

May 21, 2002 Joseph Brown

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest show on earth—Miami Beach—a town conceived as a fantasy, framed in flamboyance and occasionally touched by the darker urges of humanity. An island paradise where the pure of […]

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All-Night News Boy | Form over Substance

May 21, 2002 Joseph Brown

Cable sewage. Four hundred channels of proletariat sludge. God, this TV is depressing. … Trailer-trash screaming at the top of their lungs; teens having sex with their grandparents; a brother who’s really his sister’s father—has […]


FDR Lounge (closed)

April 22, 2014 Editor

FDR is the Delano’s new entry in the South Beach nightlife scene and it’s one of the many changes coming to this ritzy oceanfront hotel … […]

Wet Willie's South Beach

Wet Willie’s South Beach

April 23, 2014 Editor

The second level deck at Wet Willie’s makes for great people watching while you’re enjoying one of their atomic cocktails, and when things get a little too hectic … […]

Ted's Hideaway South Beach

Ted’s Hideaway

April 23, 2014 Editor

Ted’s Hideaway is a true “locals” bar, and one of the few places in South Beach where you can grab a drink in a chill atmosphere without the pretentiousness … […]

Setai Hotel Pool & Beach Bar

Setai Beach Bar

April 23, 2014 Editor

Evening cocktails are best enjoyed in a lush setting, and one of the top spots in all of South Beach is The Pool & Beach at The Setai … […]

Club Deuce

Mac’s Club Deuce

April 22, 2014 Editor

Club Deuce had its fifteen minutes of fame back in the 1980s when it was selected by Miami Vice set designers for location shooting … […]

Automatic Slim's

Automatic Slim’s (closed)

April 22, 2014 Editor

Forget your Prada shoes and Cartier watch, toss on a pair of dirty jeans and Chuck Taylors and join the model set that flocks to one of the only venues … […]

The Room

May 20, 2006 Editor

The hardest thing about The Room is giving someone directions to it—you can be standing right in front of it and still not see it. So, just to get you headed … […]


April 23, 2014 Editor

As one of the most famous and established gay clubs in South Beach, one could call Twist the granddaddy of gay nightlife … […]



April 23, 2014 Editor

Open seven nights a week, the club’s parties are as diverse as its clientele. From the Monday night cabaret show to the Tuesday night progressive Latin … […]

Carmel Ophir and Mykel Stevens

Back Door Bamby

April 21, 2014 Editor

So, we brought in Louie Vega, who is also a friend and who had done the two-year anniversary in 1998 at Groove Jet… It was a phenomenal night … […]


April 23, 2014 Editor

In South Beach, no place is sexier than Tantra, a stylish restaurant-lounge based on the ancient Tantric principles of self-awareness and spiritual realization … […]

Set Nightclub

Set Nightclub (closed)

April 23, 2014 Editor

You quickly get the message that no expense was spared to produce a club where über-VIPs languish in luxury surrounded by those sleek physiques South Beach is famous for … […]

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