Rose Bar

Rose Bar at the Delano Hotel

April 23, 2014 Editor

The Delano’s impossibly high ceilings, diaphanous white linen drapes and warm ocean breeze that pours through the enormous corridor spanning the length … […]


April 23, 2014 Editor

Maybe it’s the DJ’s music selection, or maybe it’s the club’s location on 23rd Street, but something is definitely responsible for the floating party … […]

Icon Miami

Icon Miami (Closed)

December 16, 2015 AM Dreer

South Beach rings in the New Year with a brand new nightclub called ICON, opening at 1235 Washington Avenue, the Art Deco theater that was most recently home to Mansion … […]

Club Space

April 23, 2014 Editor

Club Space is one of Miami’s longest running nightclubs on record, having opened in 2000. The club’s mentor, Louis Puig, began … […]

DJ Craze

DJ Craze | Miami’s Top DJs

April 28, 2012 Editor

The first DJ battle I entered in at a club called The Zoo in Coconut Grove. I was 15 years old and it was one of the first times I’d ever been in a club … […]

No Picture

All-Night News Boy | Can You Smell Me?

May 22, 2002 Joseph Brown

On the barren plains of modern nightlife, where the relentless pursuit of sex and small-change notoriety is elevated to an exalted and perfectly hideous art-form, the nightlife voyeur is presented with a dazzling array of […]


Jazzy Sunday at Baoli

January 27, 2016 News & Events

Jazzy Sunday is a more relaxed, more elevated counterpart to Baoli’s wild Wednesday night scene. It’s the perfect alternative for guests who want to skip the lines … […]

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