Dan Price: The Art of Idealism in Illustration

Tatrtoos by Dan Price
Tatrtoos by Dan Price

Perception, the result of perceiving an observation in an intuitive and acute capacity for comprehension to be interpreted in the light of experience. Perception is a raw talent that an artist absorbs and tangibly displays on a medium. A tattoo artist takes an experience and assimilation and converts it into a personal piece, one the wearer will carry through a lifetime becoming an iconic platform of individuality, art and lifestyle. Dan Price is swiftly moving up the ranks of the top international tattooists in his field. Coming from an elite education in illustration, Dan has harnessed his skill and unparalleled dedication to the creation of his craft onto the permanent medium of skin.

Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Dan moved to Delaware at a young age and pursued his art education and apprenticeship there. When he was ready to launch his personal portfolio he migrated down to South Beach, Miami which continues to be the #1 tattooed city in America (source TODAY.com). In Miami, Dan has the ability to perfect his technique and pursue pushing the boundaries of tattooing to heighten levels. Throughout his career Mr. Price has been able to guest spot in international locations, tattooing all over the world. He pulls his inspiration from beautiful disasters and dramatic depths of black, grey and white. His specialty is black and gray photo realism, perception in portrait but has also been known to bring out intense vibrancy to his color pieces. Dan’s pristine liner precision, shading and detail have composed an amazing array of finished works.

“I am humble in realizing my place in such a large industry so it keeps me driven every day. I see great artists and styles that will open your eyes to how broad it is getting. I see the industry and talent growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up with. There are countless amazing artists out there that are killing it honestly so you can only hope to create your own individual mark within art that is tattooing…it’s just something I have always strived for.”

Dan Price specializes in and creates premiere ink nationally as well as internationally in black and grey photo realism. For more information on his creations please visit www.dpricetattoo.com.