Best Bars & Pubs

Bars & Pubs in Miami Beach, South Beach

Bars & Pubs in Miami Beach, South Beach

South Beach enjoys a thriving casual pub scene that is a perfect fit for “Barefoot Casual” travelers; folks who don’t want to waste a minute of time standing in line behind a velvet rope at a trendy nightclub. We’re happy to share ten of our favorite spots where the doors are always open and the drinks flow as easy as the music on the jukebox…

The Clevelander Hotel's outdoor bar on Ocean Drive

The Clevelander Hotel’s outdoor bar on Ocean Drive

The Clevelander / 1020 Ocean Drive, South Beach

Vibe: Spring Break All the Time
The pool bar at the Clevelander Hotel is awash in Art Deco neon and crowded with happy tourists who appreciate the slow buzz of a frozen Rum Runner 365 nights a year. Surely one of the Must-Sees on any South Beach bar crawl, “The Cleve” celebrates Spring Break year round with loutish cover bands, wet tee shirt contests, roving sexy shot girls and an intoxicating ocean breeze that reminds you why you chose Miami in the first place. Belly up to the bar to watch sports, grab a lounger facing the pool to check out the dancing girls or find a secluded umbrella table to work your magic on your date.

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila / 1220 16 Street, South Beach

Vibe: Hipster Speakeasy
Visitors to the residential west side of town are discovering the kitschy hidden hangout built behind the Mexican food truck that is the centerpiece of Bodega Taqueria. Tucked away on a side street across from Dunkin Donuts, this former warehouse has been transformed by the Menin Group into an adult’s only Frat Party with loud dance music, a popular pool table and plenty of cool kids smoking out in the alley. Stop in for a taco and grab a cold cerveza from the ice chest before making your way through the secret door that leads to all the fun. There you’ll find a full bar and a laid back dress code that’s definitely not like any other place on South Beach.

Mango's Tropical Cafe on Ocean Drive in South Beach

Mango’s Tropical Cafe on Ocean Drive in South Beach

Mango’s Tropical Cafe / 900 Ocean Drive, South Beach

Vibe: Shake Your Bon Bon
Ocean Drive’s most popular nightspot, Mango’s Tropical Cafe might quicken your heart rate with potent rum drinks, live Latin music and curvaceous Salsa dancers bouncing happily on the bar tops. This crowded indoor/outdoor hangout features reasonably-priced entertainment that captures the imagination of visitors from all over the world who get caught up in the giddy energy of sexy showgirls and thumping music. If you’ve never sampled a Mojito, have your first one here. A powerfully potent cocktail that’s sweet, minty and refreshing, the Mojito packs quite a punch. Friendly bartenders take a highball glass and add sugar, fresh lime juice and whole fresh mint leaves to get things started. Crushed ice is piled on top of the muddled ingredients along with rum and a splash of soda to create the perfect island-style drink. Be aware of the local legend, “One Mojito, Two Mojito, Three Mojito… Floor!” Approach the mojito with extreme caution!

Automatic Slim's on Washington Avenue

Automatic Slim’s on Washington Avenue

Automatic Slims 1216 / Washington Avenue, South Beach

Vibe: Trailer Park Chic
Fans of Food-TV’s “Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives” appreciate dive bars like Automatic Slims as a uniquely American experience where the floors are sticky, the patrons wear jeans and the drinks are cheap and plentiful. While most South Beach nightspots offer cutting edge electronic music, Slims has your favorite rock, hip hop or power ballad in constant rotation. Drinks are strong and plentiful and before you know it, someone’s date has crossed the delicate threshold of sobriety and entered the “Girl’s Gone Wild” moment where hopping up on the handy stripper pole seems entirely appropriate. What attracts locals and visitors to Automatic Slims week after week is the no cover, no minimum, welcoming attitude of the owners who try to recreate your favorite college party.

Club Deuce in South Beach

Club Deuce in South Beach

Mac’s Club Deuce / 222 14 Street, South Beach

Vibe: Down and Dirty
For a real dive bar experience, Mac’s Club Deuce is South Beach’s most popular dark and dingy escape serving drinks around the clock to a host of regulars straight out of a Fellini Movie. Happy Hour starts at 8am. That’s not a typo. While the rest of the city dresses for the workday or starts to stir with thoughts of hotel brunches and chilled mimosas, the Deuce is pouring off-price cocktails to the truly hardcore. It’s tough to be a dive in the heart of the Deco District when all about you beams soft, friendly pastel colors and buzzy neon lights. It’s tough to maintain a surly growl when families, spring breakers and celebrities frolic through sun drenched streets anxious to have a good time. Who wants to be the grouchy Goth at the heart of Beach Blanket Bingo? The Deuce certainly tries to maintain a level of dark decorum no matter the hour. That’s why Tony Bourdain likes it here.

Purdy Lounge / 1811 Purdy Avenue, South Beach

Vibe: Surfers & Hipsters
On the fashionable west side of town, Purdy Lounge takes pride of place with local hipsters and a new stream of visitors to the bay side scene. Locals once dubbed this out-of-the-way surfer bar the “Dirty Purdy” but that seems like a distant memory now that the west side of South Beach is booming. With popular theme nights like Chocolate Sundays, Kulcha Shok Surf Nights and Drunken Spelling Bees, the Purdy leveraged its niche as everyone’s favorite corner bar. Much busier in recent years following the renaissance of the Standard Hotel and Spa and a number of new restaurants, the bar remains a stalwart anti-velvet rope hangout by the Bay. Dimly lit like a basement rec room, there’s no cover, no door drama and no pretentious behavior. Stop in for a drink or a game of pool and meet the locals.

Ted’s Hideaway / 124 2nd Street, South Beach

Vibe: More Pub Than Club
Ted’s Hideaway has a bit of a frat party atmosphere with a retro rock jukebox, cheap beers, sports on TV and a busy pool table. This popular pre-game spot gets mighty crowded with well-dressed club goers because the price of a velvet rope round of drinks can equal the tab for an entire night at Ted’s. As the evening wears on, the air fills with cigarette smoke and 80s rock and folks tend to get pretty loud. Consider this the antidote to overpriced drinks and overblown egos. Ted’s is SoFi’s “Cheers.”

Playwright Irish Pub / 1265 Washington Avenue, South Beach

Vibe: Dark Like Guinness
The Playwright is a fun place to eat and drink while cheering your favorite team to victory. Flat screen TVs surround the bar and pride of place is given to a giant projection screen that’s reserved for the evening’s main event. While there are indeed better and more authentic pubs in Boston where Irish populations are more significant, for South Beach the Playwright gets high marks. Its proximity to the velvet rope nightspot Mansion makes it the perfect foil for non-club fun. Drinks are 2 for 1 and appetizers are half price at happy hour weekdays.

Finnegan’s Way / 1344 Ocean Drive, South Beach

Vibe: Seaside Pub
An Irish pub with an ocean view, Finnegan’s Way is a Gaelic themed sports bar with indoor and outdoor seating facing busy Ocean Drive. There is a full kitchen and a weeknight happy hour with specials on appetizers, cocktails and select dinner entrees. Considering the busy Art Deco strip has more than it’s fair share of overpriced cafes, Finnegan’s offers a decent respite after a hot day at the beach or a hot night dodging pricier tourist traps.

Wet Willie's South Beach

Wet Willie’s South Beach

Wet Willies / 760 Ocean Drive, South Beach

Vibe: Total Brain Freeze
Hot nights on South Beach call for extra strong refreshment and Wet Willies provides just the kind of mind erasing fun you’re looking for tucked inside the two-level bar. Fortify your belly with some tequila-soaked chicken wings before pondering which lethal frozen concoction to modify your mood. Choices include the Attitude Improvement, an orange slushy spiked with grain alcohol, vodka and rum, or the Call a Cab, a drink so strong you need to surrender your car keys. More traditional flavor combinations like fruity daiquiris or pina coladas still pack quite a punch so sip slowly and don’t be fooled by the chilly deliciousness. These slurpies are a mental vacation inside a plastic cup!

Name Address Phone
Shore Club 1901 Collins Ave (305) 695-3226
Astor Hotel 956 Washington Ave (305) 531-4056
Aura 613 Lincoln Rd. (305) 695-1100
Bella Cuba 1659 Washington Ave (305) 672-7466
Bistro One 1 Lincoln Rd. (786) 276-4000
Clevelander 1020 Ocean Dr. (305) 531-3485
Club Deuce 222 14th St. (305) 531-6200
Delano Hotel Rose Bar 1685 Collins Ave (305) 672-2000
Doraku 1104 Lincoln Rd. (305) 695-8383
Fat Tuesday 918 Ocean Dr. (305) 534-1328
Feel Good South Beach 222 Espanola Way (305) 534-1009
Finnegan’s 2 942 Lincoln Rd. (305) 538-7997
Finnegan’s Way 1344 Ocean Dr. (305) 672-7747
Fridays Restaurant 500 Ocean Dr. (305) 673-8443
Hofbrau Beerhall Miami 943 Lincoln Rd. (305) 538-8066
Larios on the Beach 820 Ocean Dr. (305) 532-9577
Lucky Strike 1691 Michigan Ave (305) 532-0309
Mango’s Tropical Cafe 900 Ocean Dr. (305) 673-4422
Mokai Lounge 235 23rd St. (305) 531-4166
Monty’s on the Beach 300 Alton Rd. (305) 531-9030
National Hotel 1677 Collins Ave (305) 423-7211
Nikki Beach 1 Ocean Dr. (305) 538-1231
Nobu 1901 Collins Ave (305) 695-3232
Oriente at Cafe Cardozo 1300 Ocean Dr. (305) 695-2822
Playwright Irish Pub 1265 Washington Ave (305) 534-0667
Public House 423 Washington Ave (305) 673-8109
Purdy Lounge 1811 Purdy Ave (305) 531-4622
SegaFredo 1040 Lincoln Rd. (305) 673-0047
Shoji Sushi 100 Collins Ave (305) 532-4245
Shula’s Steak House 5225 Collins Ave (305) 341-6565
Smith & Wollensky 1 Washington Ave (305) 673-2800
Spiga Ristorante Italiano 1228 Collins Ave (305) 534-0079
Spire Bar at The Hotel 801 Collins Ave (305) 531-2222
Sushi Samba Dromo 600 Lincoln Rd. (305) 673-5337
Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant 819 5th St. (305) 672-2898
Ted’s Hideaway 124 2nd St. (305) 532-9869
Tequila Chicas 1501 Ocean Dr. (305) 531-7010
Texas de Brazil 300 Alton Road #200 (305) 695-7702
The Abbey Brewing Co. 1115 16th St. (305) 538-8110
Townhouse 150 20th St. (305) 534-3800
Veranda Bar 3025 Collins Ave (305) 534-0505
Wet Willie’s 760 Ocean Dr. (305) 532-5650