Sunday Pool Party at the Hotel Victor

bikini1Chilling out on Sundays for South Beach’s A-list crowd has been mostly reserved for the beach, private house parties on Hibiscus or Palm Island, or a leisurely day on the boat with friends.

Poolside/Locals, a new soiree taking place at the Hotel Victor on Sundays is giving VIP-types another alternative for summer fun. Swimsuits, shorts, sunglasses, and a laidback wanna-have-fun attitude are the only requirements for the latest in poolside entertainment to hit South Beach. While Versace sunglasses, Gucci sandals, and a Prada beach bag are all a given, the couture is only part of the story. The real center of attraction is the pool.

GabrieL, promoter of the event and CEO of HUSH Entertainment, a local company dedicated to promoting VIP parties in Miami Beach and Los Angeles, offers one clear warning for those attending: “Be careful, you may get thrown into the pool.”

Despite, the possibility of messing up the latest do and winding up soaking wet, the raised and rimless man-made body of blue water has overcome the see-and-be-seen attitude, and allowed locals to drench themselves in the moment.
This was just the atmosphere GabrieL envisioned when he decided get acquainted with daylight hours in his promotion business and start the party. He teamed up with Eastside PR’s Matt Heien and the management at the Victor to make it happen. “I wanted to give my clientele a different ambiance to relax and have fun in,” he said.

Although the hours are new for GabrieL, mixing together the right elements for a great party is nothing new. Over the last 12 years, the native of Caracas, Venezuela has increased his clientele base and branched out in the types of places and parties he promotes.

“The first party I ever threw was the closing party of Penrods, before it became Nikki’s Beach,” said GabrieL. He also had a part in other South Beach nightclub favorites like Warsaw, Dune, and Living Room.
In 2003, GabrieL officially created HUSH Entertainment. The company’s current events include promoting parties at sought after clubs like Snatch, Suite, Mansion, and Rok Bar to name a few. However GabrieL’s main focus is making the new Sunday Poolside/Locals party a success.

So far he’s on the right track. In lining up the venue at the Victor, he is now sharing the limelight with legendary promoters like Michael Capponi, who hosts a Thursday night lounge party at the Victor.
Charlie Irons, director of food and beverage at the Hotel Victor said HUSH Entertainment is a welcome addition. “I think the party is going to be huge,” said Irons. “It’s a perfect day of the week to have the party and we have HUSH to make it great. We are in full support.” he said.

girls3It’s not too hard to get the party juices flowing in place like the Hotel Victor. Its 1930 Parisian-styled décor sets the mood for a good time as locals make their way up to the second level of the hotel.

Those on the list for the exclusive party can head straight to the pool— after the doorman double checks the list for approval. “Anyone can get to the second floor of the Victor, but on Sundays, the pool area is a different,” said GabrieL. The pool area has been specifically set aside for the Poolside/Locals party. The VIP Lounge and Passage Bar remain open for all others. Of course, hotel guests are always invited.
Once inside, its itsy bitsy bikini time. A diverse crowd age 23 to 35 can be seen shaking it poolside to sounds of Hip Hop, R&B and House by DJ Dank.

And for those who need a little more time to recover from the all-too-typical weekend party cycle, the pool’s location atop the second floor offers great views of the ocean and comfy lounge chairs to relax and soak up rays. As the night goes on, the beat of the music picks up the pace, and lots of water-splashing and laughing begins to take place in the pool. The party goes from about 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. with 3:30 or 4 p.m. being the ripening hours. There is no cover charge and bottle service is available.

GabrieL said HUSH plans to keep the element of surprise a main theme for the Sunday party. With the start of the NFL season approaching, GabrieL said he hopes to incorporate large screen televisions in the party area so guests can watch the game.

“We’ll keep our guests on their toes,” he said. “We may surprise them with an impromptu poolside fashion show or other creative events.”

For guest lists and upcoming events visit or call 305-598.0305.