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DJ Stephan Luke

Where are you from?
I was born in France and grew up in New York.

Saturdays at Mansion and Sundays at Amika.

Number of years spinning:
Twenty-six years.

How did you get started spinning?
Watching my father DJ in the ’70s.

Who are your musical influences?
Late ’70s Disco, early ?80s English New Wave, Reggae Dub, Classic Rock and Brazilian Rhythms.

Describe your current sound.
House music with plenty of attitude.

What equipment do you use?
Apple PowerBook G4, Oxygen8 Midi Controller, Traktor DJ Software and three Pioneer CDJ-1000.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had (as a DJ or otherwise)?
Every job has its share of positive learning, no matter what it was.

What’s your most memorable night in a Miami club (working or not working)?
At Amika for my Sunday event, “Sundance.”

What would be the theme song to your life?
Songs in the Key of Life.

What makes your DJ style unique?
My sensitivity, my musical education and my deep respect for my audience.

What have you done recently to make the world a better place?
My place in the grand scheme of things is to provide people a soundtrack to their lives, to help them forget their problems or simply make them travel through the power of music. Some people use words to change lives, I use music.

Describe who you are in three words.
Logical, artistic and sensitive.

Where can we learn more about you?
At my web site,

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