Miami Beach Ocean Rescue / Beach Patrol

Beach Patrol
Beach Patrol

While you’re enjoying the beach there is a group of trained professionals watching out for your safety. The Miami Beach Ocean Rescue Team is headquartered in the 1936 art deco Beach Patrol Building at 10th Street and Ocean Drive. Auxiliary headquarters are up at 72nd Street in a structure known as the “House of Refuge,” originally built in 1876 to assist ship-wreak victims.

The State of Florida has a system of warning flags that are posted on lifeguard towers to advise beach-goers of beach conditions and warn of impending dangerous situations.

Miami Beach Ocean Rescue
305-673-7714 (non-emergency)

Warning Flags …
  • Red with a line crossing out a swimmer: Water Closed to Public, Agua Cerrada al Publico
  • Red: High Hazard ? High Surf and/or Strong Currents , Peligro Alto, Resaca Alta y/o Corrientes Fuertes
  • Yellow: Medium Hazard ? Moderate Surf and/or Currents , Peligro Medio Resaca Moderada y/o Corrientes Fuertes
  • Green: Low Hazard ? Calm Conditions, Exercise Caution , Peligro Bajo, Condiciones Calmas, Tenga Cuidado
  • Purple: Dangerous Marine Life , Vida Marina Peligrosa