Miami or Miami Beach? A Question from the Swinging Sixties

Miami Playboy Club 1961
Miami Playboy Club 1961

Question: “My father says he remembers going to the old Playboy Club in Miami, while his golfing buddy swears it was located over in Miami Beach. Is it possible there were two Playboy Clubs in the Miami area?”  (Jason K. from Syracuse, NY)

Answer: Anything is possible in Miami and actually, they’re both correct—sort of…

The Miami Playboy CLUB opened in the spring of 1961 and was located at 7701 Biscayne Boulevard over in Miami. By all accounts it was on the cutting edge of what would later become known as the “Swinging Sixties,” as both an entertainment and pseudo-alternative lifestyle venue. (Alright pop!)

pb-plaza-160The Playboy Plaza HOTEL, on the other hand, opened in December, 1970 at 5445 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach and within the hotel there was an area known as the “Penthouse Showroom” which seated 700 people and was sometimes referred to by keyholders as “the club,” but of course it wasn’t officially a Playboy “club” at all.

So, it looks like your father wins this round, but whatever you do, don’t tell the boys that the Miami Playboy Club is now an auto parts store — it might break their hearts.